SEOUL/LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Asiana Airlines Inc 020560.KS settled with 72 passengers of its flight that crashed at the San Francisco airport in 2013, a spokesman of the South Korean carrier said on Wednesday.
(Reuters) - A large winter storm could dump up to a foot of snow on parts of the eastern United States on Wednesday and into Thursday, weather officials said, as a relentless winter continues its onslaught on the region.
How Reddit is changing suicide intervention.
Julius Montgomery was part of a small cadre of African American mathematicians, engineers and technicians who helped power the space race — at a time when laws kept them from using the same toilet as their coworkers. These men were the vanguard of what became a government strategy to integrate the South.
Some progress has been made, but the chain of command creates big problems.
Last year we introduced you to the goblin shark—a nightmarish creature with otherworldly jaw action. We told you what scientists know about Mitsukurina owstoni, the goblin shark, but unfortunately, that wasn't too much. The creepy creatures hang out as much as 2952 feet below the surface on the ocean floor and are rarely caught.But recently, one was. In January, a commercial fisherman caught a goblin shark in the waters off Australia's southeast coast, and he donated the specimen, a juvenile male, to the Australian Museum, where it will hopefully bring new insight into our understanding of t
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The Swidish supercar maker, Koenigsegg, which for those of you who don’t know sell some of the most expensive cars on Earth, has recently joined the list of auto manufacturers that will be offering Apple’s CarPlay standard via the Regera, a new car unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland. This particular vehicle is the company’s first attempt at a hybrid. The vehicle, which is primarily powered by a 5 liter V8 gas engine rated at 1,085 horsepower, three electric motors which provide an additional 697 bhp, giving the car a total horsepower rating of 1,782 bhp.