MINNEAPOLIS (Reuters) - Prosecutors have charged a third U.S. citizen in connection with a deadly attempt to overthrow the government of the tiny African nation of Gambia in late December, the U.S. Attorney for Minnesota said on Friday.
CARACAS (Reuters) - An American reporter briefly arrested in Venezuela in 2013 said he has unwittingly turned up in an ad promoting the South American country.
Between Feb. 2 and 14, customers who order items during pre-selected times will get to "Pay with Lovin'." In other words, a McDonald's employee will let you know if you've been chosen to get your order for free.
If we found microbes, it would have an effect on science, especially biology, by universalizing biology. We only have one case of biology on Earth. It’s all related. It’s all DNA-based. If we found an independent example on Mars or Europa, we have a chance of forming a universal biology.
A rising generation of young martial artists are hoping to drop kick their way onto the big screen.
Even though 111.5 million viewers tuned in to watch the Super Bowl last year, not everyone is interested in the super-hyped spectacle.
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Vine, the popular video-sharing social network by Twitter, has just released a new kid-friendly version of its application Friday afternoon aimed at the younger population; it's called Vine Kids. Those of you familiar with Vine know that the social network can sometimes have some obscene videos, and the idea behind Vine Kids is to give kids a more acceptable viewing experience that cleans out some of the explicit Vines that are intended for maturer audiences. In addition, making it even more child-friendly, Vine Kids has a fun little monster